Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The smartest rudeboy

Well, he's not actually a rudeboy in the proper ska sense, but he is rude, he is a boy, and he is smart. I'm talking about the Rude Pundit. Today's post on Federalist #78 is especially illuminating. Rude Pundit quotes it at length and explains just how important a vital and independent judiciary is to the balance of powers and maintenance of a healthy democracy. Yes, judicial decisions can be fundamentally undemocratic, but conservatives aren't angry about that (they've made amply clear that democracy isn't especially important to them). They're livid because the judiciary (federal and state) doesn't kowtow to their radical agenda.

The radical right in envisions a model of America where the President serves as a regent, the Congress as his compliant "advisors", and the judiciary as his pissboy, carrying his buckets wherever he needs to go. Rude Pundit shows us how wrong this is, and does it with his usual eloquence.

If you find his style disconcerting, you might enjoy this article on the foul-mouthedness of the youth of today.