Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Politics, schmolitics

Skip the politics today. Instead, read about wolverines! The link is to an article in the New York Times about this most fantastic animal.

I've seen weasels twice in the wild. Once, I saw one swim across a large creek (the Ponil, for those who know it). Another time, I was hiking near another creek (McCrystal, for that same population of knowledgable folk) when I happened across one sitting on a log. Apparently it had just feasted, as its white chest was stained in blood. It stared at me and gave no quarter. What I wouldn't give to see a wolverine in the same circumstances. Damn.

Anyway, on a related note, last night's South Park was styled, in part, after Red Dawn, one of my favorite movies. The rebel youth in that movie adopted the name Wolverines to identify themselves (and make clear they weren't no stinking communists).