Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Republicans and the academy

Two great posts today about liberalism in the academy. I recommend them both to all of you, especially you pointy-head liberal history PhDs in Chicago....

First post comes from our man the Mad Biologist.

Second post comes from the guys at Lawyers, Guns & Money.

Though I agree with both writers, I suspect that some conservative animosity towards academics may derive from the fact that some (not all!) academics can be derisive and downright hostile to religious person and religious belief. Like the religious conservatives who can't conceive of a non-biblical ethical or moral worldview, there are some academics who cannot conceive of simultaneously holding religious beliefs and embracing more secular Enlightenment values. Of course, that doesn't justify the sort of anti-intellectualism we regularly see from Republicans, but I think it may just be another point in their litany of complaints.