Sunday, November 20, 2005


Please take a moment and relish this New York Times headline from today:

Corruption Inquiry Threatens to Ensnare Lawmakers

Then, click on the link and go read the article and revel in the fact that, for once, the story lives up to the hype. Oh, the sound of the piper about to get paid is so very sweet to the ear. America will be a better place if scumbag politicians accepting bribes from lobbyist vermin finally get the boot. I know Scanlan can only rat on so many, but our Congress needs a good purge. Send a good 20-30 of those doughy fuckers to jail, let G-dawg and friends pound their pucker holes to oblivions and, goddamit, let our political "leadership" realize that perhaps they ought to focus on their individual constituents rather than high-paying corporate and institutional donors.

Violence begets violence, I know. And as an American, I've been raised to accept violence as a reasonable solution to many problems. That, in turn, creates a multitude of problems for our socieity. In this case, though, I don't see anything but good flowing from the potential exposure of people like Scanlan, Abramoff, Delay, Ney, Blunt and others to the institutionalized violence of our federal penal system. In fact, that sort of goodness can't come soon enough.